ONS Chapters

ONS Chapters bring together oncology nurses to provide you with a local professional network as you’re advancing your career. Connecting with is easy through the chapters' virtual community website.

ONS Local Chapters

ONS Chapters connect you to dedicated nurses who care about patient and public outreach, and provide a professional network as you’re advancing your career. Many chapters partner with healthcare organizations to offer continuing nursing education and dinner programs.

Local chapter affiliation is now an optional part of your ONS membership. Annual chapter dues range between $15 and $25, depending on the chapter.

Your chapter membership can be determined by proximity to your zip code and is noted on the View Chapters page of your ONS account. You can change your primary chapter online when joining or renewing your membership, or any time throughout the year by contacting help@ons.org.

Find a listing of all current chapters with links to their virtual community websites.

Chapter officers and board members—access the Chapter Leaders Community site.

To find out if there's an ONS chapter near you, use the search tool below.