ONS Bridge Learning Hall Raffle Winners

ONS Bridge Team
September 9, 2020

Engage with our exhibitors and sponsors during ONS Bridge™ and earn a chance to win great prizes! Attendees who are in the top 50% of engaged users will be eligible for the raffle. The more activities you complete the better your chances of being eligible.

Each day of Bridge (September 8, 10, 15, and 17) a drawing will be held for these great prizes. Come back each day for another chance to win!

  • Twenty $10 Starbucks gift cards
  • One ONS Membership & $50 Amazon Gift Card

The Grand Prize drawing for a complimentary future ONS Congress registration will take place on October 21 so continue to visit booths during the on demand period as well!

  • Visit the Silver Booths and submit a question to booth staff.
  • Answer a poll or submit a question during product theater sessions.
  • Attend the full duration of the product theater sessions.
  • View a PDF or visit a link in the Silver Booths’ Resource Lists.
  • Complete a survey or watch a video in a Platinum Booth.
  • Spend 5 or more minutes visiting and interacting with the resources in a Gold or Platinum Booth during dedicated coffee break exhibit hours.
  • The more booths you visit and interact with the better the chance you will be included in the raffle!

Exhibitor Booth Visitors $100 Amazon Gift Card Winners:

Connie H., CT 
Dorothy P., NJ 
Judith H., SC

September 17, 2020 Winners

ONS Membership & $50 Amazon Gift Card
Sandra J., CA

$10 Starbucks Gift Card
Gail K., TX
Liane H., KS 
Melissa K., TX 
Gail MK., WI
DawnMarie J., IL
Jennifer V., NC
Leigh V., MD
Margaret N., NJ
Mandy A., WA
Barbra P., FL
Celeste D., MD
Sarah P., CA
Linda K., PA
Sandra G., PA
Darla Y., KY
Catherine H., VA  
Carla J., TX
Glenda K., FL
Constance H., PA

September 15, 2020 Winners

ONS Membership & $50 Amazon Gift Card
Shannon VW., FL

$10 Starbucks Gift Card
Anne C., CA    
Brittany F., SC    
Clara B., MI    
Cynthia H., FL
Deborah K., CA
Denise K., NC
Donna N., CA
Hilda H., CA
Jennifer MC., NY
Jennifer W., GA
Kathleen B., PA
Lori KL., WI
Ma Luisa O., CA
Mary M., UT
Patti A., OH
Patti Jo C., CA
Samantha G., NY
Shannon P., OH
Sylvia C., CA
Veronica B., OR

September 10, 2020 Winners

ONS Membership & $50 Amazon Gift Card
Sarah E., OR

$10 Starbucks Gift Card
Angela B., WI
Ann W., MI
Brenda H., MT
Ellen C., NH
Heather M., AZ
Heather W., WA
Jane V., MN
Karen L., NV
Karri D., NE
Katherine K., CA
Kyung Sook K., IL
Lauren F., NC
Liza Jane J., CA
Maggie M., KY
Meri B., PA
Nancy W., MS
Paula Cecille S., CA
Rosalia C., HI
Tara K., MN
Yunn-Fang C., CA

September 8, 2020 Winners

ONS Membership & $50 Amazon Gift Card
Shamim L., NY

$10 Starbucks Gift Card
Kathy L., SC
Mary Kate N., GA
Eleni C., CA
Elaine R., MA
Veronica M., SP
Janie C., TX
Tara B., CO
Paul R., CA
Mary A., IN
Elizabeth S., PA
Regina D., RI
Shelly FA., NY
Mary Pat J., WI
Elizabeth H., NC
Barbara D., MC
Alex S., TX
Wendy G., MN
Nisha L., NJ
Judith H., SC
Jane K., CO