The Oncology Nursing Guide to Tumor Treating Fields as a Fourth Modality in Cancer Treatment

Medical Learning PVI
September 10, 2020

Faculty: Madeline Couch, MSN, FNP-C, and Suriya Jeyapalan, MD, MPH 

This is an exciting time in the management of patients with solid tumors, as cutting-edge advancements are changing outcomes for notoriously difficult-to-treat cancers. In conjunction with the 2020 ONS Bridge, we are pleased to bring you the latest information on tumor treating fields (TTFields), a state-of-the-art cancer treatment modality, along with insight on how nurses can help their patients with solid tumors incorporate TTFields into their treatment plans.

As educators and advocates, oncology nurses have a key role in guiding their patients in understanding the use of TTFields, managing related adverse events, and complying with treatment guidelines to maximize outcomes. Our dynamic, case-based discussion will offer clinical pearls that will help you understand how TTFields can be used with other modalities in the treatment of solid tumors and give you the opportunity to hear how other nurses have used TTFields in actual practice. We hope you join us for this CNE-accredited web broadcast on Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 9 AM EST. Register at