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This course is newly updated to reflect expanding knowledge of cancer biology and how that is being used to develop novel therapies.

What is normal cell biology? Why do normal cells become cancer cells? How do new molecular and targeted therapies target cancer? How do gene and vaccine therapies work? Find answers to these questions and more while gaining a better understanding of cancer and its treatments. This concentrated, self-paced, learning experience covers the fundamentals of cancer biology and addresses cutting-edge information that, when applied, will dramatically affect your practice.

The course is offered on demand. Instructions on how to immediately access the course will be sent to you in an automatically generated email receipt after you register. 

You will enjoy access for 180 days from date of purchase, after which you will no longer be able to access the course.

To receive nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) contact hours, the following requirements must be met prior to the closing date and time of the course: 

  • Achieve 80% or higher on the post‐test. (Note: You will have two [2] attempts to achieve a score of 80% or higher on the post-test.)
  • Completion of the course evaluation. A course evaluation MUST be completed to be granted the NCPD contact hours. The evaluation link is locked until passing the post-test.

Course Topics

  • Normal Cell Biology
  • Understanding Cell Biology
  • Molecular Targets and Targeted Therapy
  • Gene and Vaccine Therapy

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Expected Outcomes

Learners will demonstrate mastery of key content related to cellular biology related to cancer and its treatment by scoring at least 80% on the post-test.

Target Audience

This course was designed to meet the educational needs of oncology nurses and others interested in gaining a fundamental understanding of cancer biology. Individuals who may benefit from this course include nurses and other healthcare professionals new to oncology practice, experienced nurses seeking review information, pharmaceutical sales representatives, nursing instructors, nursing students, and case managers.

ILNA Breakdown

Candidates may claim 4.5 NCPD or ILNA points in any area of their choosing on the following blueprint areas: Care Continuum, Diagnosis and Staging, Disease-Related Biology, Oncology Nursing Practice, Scientific Basis for Practice, Treatment.

Candidates will not be able to place the 4.5 ILNA points under both categories as the number of points claimed cannot exceed the total NCPD points for the offering.

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