Genomic Foundations for Precision Oncology



Cancer care across the healthcare continuum has been revolutionized by advances in the understanding and application of genomics. The paradigm shift to biomarker-driven treatment decisions is a large step toward achieving precision oncology, which is the use of tumor-specific information, like genomic information, to inform cancer care. A foundation of knowledge in genomics is critical to the quality and safety of oncology nursing practice and is essential knowledge for all oncology nurses. The Genomic Foundations for Precision Oncology course was designed by genomic nursing experts to supplement nurses’ knowledge of foundational concepts in genomics, including how genomic alterations drive cancer growth and progression and how identification of genomic biomarkers directs targeted therapy decisions.

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Course Topics

•    Foundational genomics concepts
•    Patterns of inheritance
•    Principles of genomic variation
•    Genomic basis of cancer
•    Hallmarks of cancer
•    Biomarker Testing

Expected Outcomes

On completion of this activity, the learner will have increased knowledge about fundamental genomic concepts and how the genomic basis of cancer development informs biomarker testing and biomarker-driven therapy.

Target Audience

This course is designed to provide foundational knowledge on genomics and the genomic basis for cancer development as it relates to the continually evolving field of precision oncology. Individuals who may benefit from this course include nurses and advanced practitioners new to oncology practice, experienced nurses seeking an in-depth review, nursing educators, nursing faculty, nursing students, case managers, social workers, clinical managers, pharmaceutical representatives, and other healthcare professionals working in oncology who care for patients or influence the care of patients who benefit from genomic-informed care.

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