Understanding and Managing Oncologic Emergencies: A Resource for Nurses (Third Edition)

Marcelle Kaplan
Oncology Nursing Society


As the number of individuals living with cancer increases, so does the potential for serious complications from the disease or treatment. The need is stronger than ever for definitive information on effective interventions when an oncologic emergency occurs to prevent devastating functional losses and reduce the risk of death.

Thoroughly updated and expanded, the third edition of Understanding and Managing Oncologic Emergencies: A Resource for Nurses is a comprehensive yet practical guide to understanding and managing oncologic emergencies from the nursing perspective. Featuring “Fast Facts” sections in each chapter and extensive tables and figures to highlight key content, this text will enable nurses to

  • Identify which patients are at increased risk for oncologic emergencies
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms associated with the complications
  • Understand the underlying pathophysiologic processes
  • Learn pertinent diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic interventions
  • Assess patients appropriately
  • Apply nursing management strategies across a continuum from acute through chronic care and rehabilitation.

The increased use of targeted and immunologic therapies is resulting in increased risk of severe or fatal skin reactions. A new chapter on cutaneous toxicities provides valuable information to help nurses recognize and manage these reactions quickly. This book is an essential resource for nurses and other professionals, providing the knowledge needed to enhance patient outcomes when an oncologic emergency occurs.

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