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Award-Winning Podcast

EXCEL Awards

In 2023, the Oncology Nursing Podcast received a silver AM&P Network EXCEL Award in the podcast series category. Previously, the Oncology Nursing Podcast received a silver award for the series in 2022 and a bronze award in 2019. 

Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatments: Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy/Targeted Therapy, Surgery, & Radiation Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine 

Episode 242: Oncology Pharmacology 2023: Today’s Treatments and Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs

Episode 226: Patient Education for Next-Generation Sequencing to Guide Cancer Therapy

Episode 206: Graft-Versus-Host Disease: Biomarkers and Beyond

Episode 180: Learn How Nurse Practitioners Use Biomarker Testing in Cancer Care

Episode 172: Address Knowledge Gaps in Evidence-Based Precision Medicine Care

Episode 169: How Biomarker Testing Drives the Use of Targeted Therapies

Episode 157: Biomarker Testing Improves Outcomes for Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Episode 134: Nurse Innovators Increase Access to Biomarker Testing During ONS Hackathon


Episode 283: Desensitization Strategies to Reintroduce Treatment After an Infusion-Related Reaction

Episode 209: Updates in Chemo PPE and Safe Handling

Episode 177: Administer Etoposide Chemotherapy With Confidence

Episode 168: Administer Irinotecan Infusions With Confidence

Episode 164: Administer Ifosfamide Infusions With Confidence

Episode 159: Administer Bleomycin Chemotherapy With Confidence

Episode 145: Administer Taxane Chemotherapies With Confidence

Episode 143: Administer FOLFOX Chemotherapy Regimens With Confidence

Episode 92: Doxorubicin: The Infamous Red Devil

Episode 16: Navigating the Challenges of Oral Chemotherapy

Administration Routes

Episode 285: Transarterial Chemoembolization: The Oncology Nurse’s Role

Episode 271: Intraventricular and Intrathecal Administration: The Oncology Nurse’s Role

Episode 265: Intravesical Administration: The Oncology Nurse’s Role

Episode 252: Intraperitoneal Administration: The Oncology Nurse’s Role

Episode 142: The How-To of Home Infusions

Episode 121: Home Infusion of Antineoplastics During COVID-19

Episode 114: Intravesicular Chemotherapy Considerations for Oncology Nurses

Immunotherapy/Targeted Therapy

Episode 273: Updates in Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

Episode 267: Side-Effect Management for CAR T-Cell Therapy for Hematologic Malignancies

Episode 261: CAR T-Cell Therapy for Hematologic Malignancies Requires Education and Navigation

Episode 245: Biosimilar Basics for Oncology Nurses and Patients

Episode 182: Administer Trastuzumab Infusions With Confidence

Episode 179: Learn How to Educate Patients During Immunotherapy

Episode 174: Administer Pembrolizumab Immunotherapy With Confidence

Episode 161: Administer Bevacizumab Infusions With Confidence

Episode 152: Administer Rituximab Immunotherapy With Confidence

Episode 144: Monoclonal Antibodies to Treat Cancer and COVID-19

Episode 139: How CAR and Other T Cells Are Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment

Episode 40: Breaking Down Checkpoint Inhibitors

Episode 10: How Biosimilars Could Impact the Future of Cancer Care

Episode 5: New Guidelines for Managing Immunotherapy-Related Adverse Events

Episode 1: Experiences With CAR T-Cell Therapy

Radiation Therapy

Episode 301: Radiation Oncology: Side Effect and Care Coordination Best Practices

Episode 60: Radiation Side Effects With Head and Neck Cancers—ONS Congress

Episode 12: The Intersection of Radiation and Medical Oncology Nursing


Episode 310: Pharmacology 101: Androgen Receptor Inhibitors and Antiandrogens

Episode 305: Pharmacology 101: Nitrosoureas

Episode 299: Pharmacology 101: Plant Alkaloids

Episode 288: Pharmacology 101: Antimetabolites

Episode 286: Pharmacology 101: Alkylating Agents

Symptom and Side Effect Management

Episode 313: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Other Pulmonary Complications

Episode 306: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: CNS Toxicities

Episode 303: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Ocular Toxicities

Episode 290: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Peripheral Neuropathy

Episode 278: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Hepatic Complications

Episode 269: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Gastrointestinal Complications

Episode 256: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Hematologic Complications

Episode 250: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Dermatologic Complications

Episode 247: Tobacco Treatment for Patients With Cancer

Episode 244: Cancer Symptom Management Basics: Cardiovascular Complications

Episode 232: Managing Fatigue During PARP Inhibitor Maintenance Therapy

Episode 195: Exercise’s Effect on Patient and Provider Well-Being

Episode 166: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions Help Patients With a Spectrum of Cancer Symptoms

Episode 165: Safely Administer and Prescribe Opioids for Cancer-Related Pain

Episode 130: Manage Cancer-Related Constipation with ONS Guidelines™

Episode 128: Manage Treatment-Related Radiodermatitis With ONS Guidelines™

Episode 123: Manage Treatment-Related Lymphedema With ONS Guidelines™

Episode 120: Manage Skin Toxicities With ONS Guidelines™

Episode 116: Screen and Manage Malnutrition in Patients With Cancer

Episode 113: Manage Cancer-Related Hot Flashes With ONS Guidelines™

Episode 83: Multisymptom Management for Patients With Cancer—ONS Congress™

Episode 81: The Argument Supporting Medical Cannabis

Episode 61: Medical Cannabis in Cancer Care

Episode 60: Radiation Side Effects With Head and Neck Cancers—ONS Congress™

Episode 58: The Power of Cancer Rehabilitation

Episode 45: Symptom Self-Management in Rural Communities—ONS Congress™

Episode 15: Incorporating Physical Activity in Patient Care

Advocacy and Health Policy

Episode 308: Hazardous Drugs and Hazardous Waste: Personal, Patient, and Environmental Safety

Episode 293: Access to Care: How to Manage Moral Dilemmas and Advocate for Your Patients

Episode 277: Futility in Care: How to Advocate for Your Patients and Prevent Ethical Distress

Episode 268: Race in Research: From Subjects to Scientists, ONS Scholar-in-Residence Has a Career Commitment to Racial Equity

Episode 241: 2023 Is Your Year to Advocate With ONS

Episode 235: Self-Advocacy Skills for Patients

Episode 230: Violence in Health Care

Episode 229: How Advocacy Can Shape Your Nursing Career

Episode 190: The Environment, Cancer, and Nurses’ Role in Advocating for Climate Change

Episode 131: NLM Is Changing Health Care Through the Power of Data

Episode 122: NCI Director Shares Research and Innovation During COVID-19

Episode 118: CDC’s Perspective on Cancer Prevention, Treatment, and Care—Even During a Pandemic

Episode 105: U.S. Representative Donna Shalala on How Nurses Advocate for Peers and Patients

Episode 102: U.S. Food and Drug Administration Recognizes Oncology Nursing Month

Episode 86: How Will Nurses Affect Health Policy in 2020?

Episode 69: Nurses Influence Health Policy at ONS’s Capitol Hill Days

Episode 62: Financial Toxicity Legislation

Episode 55: The Youth Vaping Epidemic

Episode 46: Nurses Are Crucial in Local Advocacy Efforts

Episode 41: Advocating for Palliative Care and Hospice Education

Episode 37: How Washington Is Tackling High Prescription Drug Costs

Episode 34: Industry Challenges Contribute to Financial Toxicity

Episode 33: Why Nursing Advocacy Is Important

Episode 30: What Patients Should Know About Medicare and Insurance Cancer Coverage

Episode 26: What Oncology Nurses Need to Know About Affordability, Cost of Cancer Care

Prevention, Screening, Survivorship, and Support

Professional Issues

Professional Development

Episode 315: Processing Grief as an Oncology Nurse

Episode 309: What Brings You to ONS Congress®?

Episode 289: 2023 Health Policy Wrap-Up and Outlook for 2024

Episode 270: Meet the ONS Board of Directors: Brown, MacIntyre, and Woods

Episode 254: Oncology Nursing Certification Affects the Entire Cancer Care System

Episode 239: Meet the ONS Board of Directors: Allen, Mathey, and Robison

Episode 236: Coping With Grief

Episode 233: Staying Current During Constant Change

Episode 231: Nurses Thrive in a Healthy Work Culture

Episode 224: Meet the ONS Board of Directors: Nevidjon, Geddie, and Garner

Episode 213: Meet the ONS Board of Directors: Brant, Burger, and Knoop

Episode 191: Explore Orientation Opportunities for New-to-Practice Nurses

Episode 175: Powerful Lessons From the 2021 Mentorship Award Recipient

Episode 150: Career Planning for Oncology Nurses

Episode 138: Why Higher Education May Be the Next Step in Your Oncology Nursing Career

Episode 137: ONCC Certification Changes for 2021

Episode 125: Oncology Academy Orients Experienced RNs to Cancer Care

Episode 111: Use Social Media to Enhance Your Clinical Practice

Episode 28: Resume Writing Tips to Tell Your Professional Story

Episode 27: How Self-Care Can Impact Your Nursing Practice

Episode 25: How Publishing Can Advance Your Nursing Career— Part 2

Episode 24: How Publishing Can Advance Your Nursing Career—Part 1

Episode 18: Best Practices for Abstract Writing

Episode 17: How Magnet Status Impacts Your Institution

Episode 7: Addressing the Common Questions Facing Certification

Episode 4: The Importance of Competency, Certification, and Chemo Cards

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