About E-Books

Nearly 70 of ONS's most popular offerings are available in digital format. These titles can be purchased as a downloadable file that you can read on your desktop, laptop, or compatible mobile device. E-Books are available in their entirety or as single chapters.

Access Device Standards of Practice for Oncology Nursing

Advanced Oncology Nursing Certification Review and Resource Manual (Second Edition)

Advancing Oncology Nursing Science

An Evidence-Based Approach to the Treatment and Care of the Older Adult With Cancer

BMTCN® Certification Review Manual 

Breaking the Silence on Cancer and Sexuality

Cancer and Health Policy: Advancements and Opportunities

Cancer Basics

Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship

Cardiac Complications of Cancer Therapy

Caring for the Older Adult With Cancer in the Ambulatory Setting

Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice (Fourth Edition)

Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Case Studies

Clinical Guide to Antineoplastic Therapy: A Chemotherapy Handbook (Third Edition)

Clinical Manual for the Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse (Third Edition)

Current Trends in Oncology Nursing

Ethics in Oncology Nursing

Genetics and Genomics in Oncology Nursing Practice

Guide to Oncology Symptom Management (Second Edition)

Handbook for Integrative Oncology Nursing

Hematologic Malignancies in Adults

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Integrating Physical Activity Into Cancer Care

Managing the Oral Effects of Cancer Treatment

Manual for Clinical Trials Nursing (Third Edition)

Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education (Fourth Edition)

Meeting the Need for Psychosocial Care in Young Adults With Cancer

Multiple Myeloma: A Textbook for Nurses (Second Edition)

Nursing Management: Principles and Practice (Second Edition)

Nursing Professional Development for Clinical Educators

Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care

ONS Documentation Standards for Cancer Treatment

Oncology Nurse Navigation

Oncology Nurse Navigation Case Studies

Palliative Practices From A-Z for the Bedside Clinician (Second Edition)

Principles of Skin Care and the Oncology Patient

Psychosocial Nursing Care Along the Cancer Continuum (Second Edition)

Putting Evidence Into Practice: A Pocket Guide to Cancer Symptom Management

Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs (Second Edition)

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Central Nervous System Cancers

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Breast Cancer (Second Edition)

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Gastrointestinal Cancers

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Genitourinary Cancers

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Gynecologic Cancers

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Head and Neck Cancer (Second Edition)

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Lung Cancer (Second Edition)

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary Cancers

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Prostate Cancer

Site-Specific Cancer Series: Skin Cancer

Standards of Oncology Education: Patient/Significant Other and Public (Fourth Edition)

Standards of Oncology Nursing Education: Generalist and Advanced Practice Levels (Fourth Edition)

Statement on the Scope and Standards of Oncology Nursing Practice

Surgical Oncology Nursing

Telephone Triage for Oncology Nurses (Second Edition)

Telephone Triage for Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses

Understanding and Managing Oncologic Emergencies

Unit-Based Staff Development for Clinical Nurses

ONS also offers books for the Kindle, Nook, and iPad.