Oncology Nurse Navigation: Delivering Patient-Centered Care Across the Continuum

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Stay on the cutting edge with ONS's first book focusing on oncology nurses as navigators. Oncology Nurse Navigation provides an in-depth review of the emerging specialty of oncology nursing navigation. 

From the development of navigation in Harlem in 1990 to the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating a navigation program, you’ll get a complete overview of oncology nursing navigation. Concrete examples and tangible tools used by various nurse navigation models across the cancer continuum are provided as well as a variety of community and national resources that are vital to oncology nurse navigators.

Add this book to your medical library to ensure you have the resources you need to construct and sustain a successful oncology nurse navigation program.

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Oncology Nursing Society
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Chapter 1 - Overview of Nurse Navigation

Cynthia A. Cantril
Chapter 1 provides an overview of nurse navigation, including the historical, cultural, socioeconomic, and political influences on the field of nursing navigation.

Chapter 4 - Navigation Considerations When Working With Patients

Sharon S. Gentry
Jean B. Sellers
Chapter 4 examinations navigation considerations when working with patients. Issues covered include patient- and family-centered care, assessment and process procedures. Also included are examples of patient workflow and oncology nurse navigator workflow...

Chapter 6 - Cancer Site–Specific Navigation

Penny Daugherty
Nicole G. Messier
Frank dela Rama
Heather Stern
Susan J. Keen
Karyl D. Blaseg
Chapter 6 examines nursing navigation through various types of cancer. Examined is navigation of patients with cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, prostate, bladder and other genitourinary tracts, gynecologic, head and neck, and thoracic.

Chapter 7 - Setting-Specific Navigation

Marguerite A. Thomas
Elissa A. Peters
Chapter 7 examines nursing navigation across various healthcare settings as well as detailing issues that occur across settings, including community assessment and outreach, community partnerships, avenues for outreach, funding, and metrics.