Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care

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Unlike other books on nutritional oncology that focus on the nutritional needs of patients during the various forms of treatment for cancer, Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care is designed to provide you with site-specific information regarding the disease, common treatment modalities, and nutrition implications. You'll also find nutrition assessment guidelines as well as care plan guides. The format of the book allows you to reference the nutritional concerns of a particular diagnosis quickly so you can develop a proactive plan for intervention.
Chapters detail nutritional issues in cancer prevention, complementary and alternative medicine, hospice and palliative care, and more. Cancer sites covered include breast, colorectal, esophageal and gastric, head and neck, lung, pancreatic, prostate, and many more. Unique to Nutritional Issues in Cancer Care, each chapter in the book is authored by an RN and a registered dietitian, providing first-hand suggestions for the many problems, frustrations, and difficulties each type of healthcare professional has experienced managing the needs of patients with cancer during and after treatment.
This book is only available as an e-Book and no longer available in print.
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Chapter 2 - Breast Cancer

Diane M. Fletcher
Michele C. Hayward
Chapter 2 offers information on nutrition and the patient with breast cancer.

Chapter 5 - Genitourinary Cancers

Erin Dummert
Eileen Milakovic
Chapter 5 provides an overview of genitourinary cancers and offers nutritional guidelines for patients with these types of cancers.

Chapter 6 - Gynecologic Cancers

Kathryn Hamilton
Susan M. Roche
Chapter 6 provides an overview of the various types of gynecologic cancers while offering nutrition assessment guidelines for patients with these cancers.

Chapter 7 - Head and Neck Cancers

Sarah H. Kagan
Ellen Sweeney-Cordes
Chapter 7 highlights the nutritional needs and challenges of patients with head and neck cancer.

Chapter 8 - Hepatobiliary Cancer

Helen C. James
Karen P. Kulakowski
Chapter 8 examines the unique nutritional challanges of patients with hepatobiliary cancers.

Chapter 9 - Lung Cancer

Anne Z. Kisak
Lesley B. Klein
This chapter examines the nutritional issues surrounding patients with lung cancer.

Chapter 10 - Pancreatic Cancer

Jennifer L. Guy
Tracy R. Smith
Chapter 10 provides details on nutrition and patients with pancreatic cancer.

Chapter 11 - Prostate Cancer

Natalie Lagomarcino Ledesma
Jamie S. Myers
Chapter 11 offers details on nutrition and the patient with prostate cancer.

Chapter 12 - Adult Leukemia

Gayle S. Jameson
Maria Petzel
Chapter 12 highlights the nutritional challenges involved in caring for patients with adult leukemia.

Chapter 13 - Lymphoma

Kristen Baileys
Marcia Nahikian-Nelms
Chapter 13 looks at lymphoma and nutrition.