Chapters 38-46 - Nursing Management

Connie Barden
Mary Bylone
Gregory L. Crow
Ayda G. Nambayan
Elizabeth M. Wertz Evans
Linda J. Shinn
Melinda Granger Oberleitner
Maria R. Shirey
Maria R. Shirey
Audrey Friedman
William B. O'Neal

Chapter 38 details creating how leadership can create a healthy working environment. Chapter 39 looks at the global mission of nursing while Chapter 40 examines quality and patient safety issues as they are related to nursing management. Chapter 41 offers information on business development and planning. Chapter 42 examines mentorship, Chapter 43 examines managing conflicting priorities, and Chapter 44 offers information on developing a career advancement program for frontline nurses. Chapter 45 provides strategies for self-care at work and at home, and Chapter 46 looks at creating a culture of greatness.

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