Chapters 27-37 - Nursing Management

Eva L. Karp
Laurie A. Gehrt
Marilyn Jones
Carolyn Buppert
Laurie Badzek
Lisa Hardman
Patricia J. Maramba
Susan M. Bauer-Wu
Katherine A. Yeager
Mary E. Cooley
Janice Phillips
Judith Doty
Katherine Pakieser-Reed
Susan M. Grant
Beverley H. Johnson
Joanne M. Hambleton
Brenda M. Nevidjon
Ilisa Halpern Paul
Carol Thompson
Connie Hampton
Sean P. Clarke
E. Michele Richardson
Petrina McGrath

Chapter 27 details issues in adoption, acquisition, and the transformation to health information technology. Chapter 28 highlights navigating legal and risk management issues. Chapter 29 explores nursing ethics. Chapter 30 details nursing research while Chapter 31 examines how to launch nursing research in a clinical setting. Chapter 32 examines the issues surrounding launching a culture of patient- and family-centered care. Chapter 33 presents information on achieving Magnet status and Chapter 34 explores the concept of managerial resilience. Chapter 35 examines advocacy and health policy. Chapter 36 provides information on how to develop a cancer program in a veteran’s administration healthcare system. Chapter 37 looks at the global nursing workforce.

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