Chapters 2-10 - Nursing Management

Tim Porter-O'Grady
Connie J. Carson
Susan Lasker Hertz
Marsha Hughes-Rease
Rhonda R. Foster
Connie J. Carson
Mary L. Scott
Janet Y. Harris
Jeffrey C. Langdon
Kevin W. Sowers
Donna R. Eversole
Nancy S. Barton
Heather M. Wood
Pat Stanfill Edens
Mary Magee Gullatte
Natasha Goburdhun

Includes Chapters 2 through 10. Chapter 2 deals with leadership in the field of nursing. Chapter 3 discusses how to change management from theory to practice. Chapter 4 deals with transformational and transactional leadership, while Chapter 5 examines the dynamics of communication. Chapter 6 looks at organizational design and structure. Chapter 7 examines how nurse managers handle financial management. Chapter 8 details patient acuity and classification systems; Chapter 9 examines budgeting and staffing; and Chapter 10 discusses forecasting in health care.

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