Chapters 17-26 - Nursing Management

Catherine Glennon
Joan Such Lockhart
Mary Magee Gullatte
H. Tor Christensen
Patricia Reid Ponte
Cindy L. Zabka
Veronica S. Stone
Peter R. Miller
Catherine Harvey
Tammie E. Quest
Rhonda Scott
Mary Magee Gullatte
Beverly E. Smith
Linda Arslanian-Carlin
Frances Cartwright-Alcarese
Patti Owen
Laura Hurt

Chapter 17 provides information on the process of performance appraisals. Chapter 18 deals with lifelong learning and continuing competence. Chapter 19 focuses on labor relations and offers a collective bargaining guide for nurse managers. Chapter 20 provides information on how to advance a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork. Chapter 21 explores ambulatory care management in oncology, Chapter 22 provides information on homecare management, while Chapter 23 details the management of hospice and palliative care services. Chapter 24 provides insight into the nursing image. Chapter 25 provides a guide for nurse managers in radiation oncology and Chapter 26 examines the role of accreditation in nursing management.

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