Multiple Myeloma: A Textbook for Nurses (Third Edition)

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Once considered a fatal diagnosis with few treatments, multiple myeloma has become a treatable chronic malignancy in recent decades through the development of novel agents and treatment with hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. These treatments have significantly improved outcomes and survival for patients with myeloma, and research continues to look for better therapies and possible cures.

This third edition of Multiple Myeloma: A Textbook for Nurses provides a comprehensive resource for this rapidly evolving and complicated field of myeloma treatment. It also provides a foundation for oncology nurses on disease pathology, drug combinations, indications, symptom management, and emerging treatments. New to this edition is information on the development of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapies, which may offer hope for more profound responses and prolonged remissions. The addition of a chapter on patient-reported outcomes and quality of life provides essential context as patients live longer and cope with symptoms and side effects.

Although this text centers on the oncology nurse, it should serve as a valuable template for all inter-professional team members on the fundamentals of myeloma and its ever-evolving care needs.


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Chapter 10 - Special Populations

Amy Pierre
Chapter 10 details issues surrounding the treatment and care of special patient populations (including older adults, patients who are frail, young adults, patients without social support or caregivers, and minority groups).