Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education (Fifth Edition)

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Caring for an individual receiving radiation therapy as part of overall cancer care requires a patient-focused approach. To support this patient population, nurses across treatment settings must constantly expand and refine their knowledge of advancements in radiation therapy technology, research, and evidence-based practice.

In this fifth edition of the Oncology Nursing Society Manual for Radiation Oncology Nursing Practice and Education, nurses of all experience levels will advance their knowledge of radiation biology and protection, diverse radiation therapy modalities, combination treatments, site- and disease-specific issues, symptom management, special populations, and much more.

This expanded and revised resource includes significant updates and additions to best reflect advancements in radiation oncology. New topics address patients with cognitive changes and dementia, general distress and coping, special populations including individuals with mental illness, special needs related to late effects of treatment and cardiac toxicities, and the latest treatment modalities. This manual will serve oncology nurses, advanced practice clinicians, educators, and administrators seeking the education and skills required to care for patients receiving radiation therapy and their families.



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Oncology Nursing Society
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Section II - Practice of Radiation Oncology

Eugenia Perevalova
Section II examines issues surrounding the practice of radiation oncology. Topics explored include principles of radiation therapy, radiobiology, dose prescription, treatment planning, and simulation. the purpose of radiation therapy, and much more.

Section IV - Symptom Management

Shaylene Baumgartner
Renata Benc
Amber Killam
Susan A. DiStasio
Ann Walsh
Deborah W. Bruner
Sarah Belcher
Laura Mitchell
Brittany Adams
Joanne Pun
Sarah Buchanan
Karol J. Huenerberg
Hilda Haynes-Lewis
Rachel W. Conklin
Section IV covers a wide range of symptom management issues that arise in management of radiation therapy, from fatigue to skin reactions.

Section V - Site-Specific Management

Karen J. Allen
Emilie Cecil
Marsha Fair
Maria Fenton-Kerimian
Keri Wagner
Rustica Cerillo
Olivia Franek
Brenda L. Silvia
Barbara Clendinning
Anet Julius
Section V examines site-specific management of patients with cancer undergoing radiation therapy. Cancers covered include brain and central nervous system, breast, head and neck, and more.

Section VIII - Modality-Specific Management

Angela Cashell
Kimberly DeBaun
Kathryn Ericson
Dorothy Pierce
Pamela Laszewski
Melissa James
Shiby Wilson
Brittany Adams
Tayreez Mushani
Section VIII examines modality-specific management, including topics such as external beam radiation therapy (teletherapy), low-dose rate and high-dose rate brachytherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, proton beam therapy, and more.

Section IX - Special Populations

Laura Mitchell
Nicole (Kenney) Wilson
Fay Strohschein
Lisa Feldsien
Melissa A. Kerr
Martine Puts
Rana Jin
Allison Loucks
Lindy Romanovsky
Rickinder Sethi
Sarah Hales
Section IX examines issues surrounding special populations of patients with cancer receiving radiation therapy, including pediatrics, adolescents and young adults, older adults, patients with special needs, patients with mental illness, and more.

Section X - Chemical Modifiers of Treatment

John Vernon Hillson
Tina Q. Harris
Annette Quinn
Section X explores issues surrounding chemical modifiers of treatment. Topics explored include r adiosensitizers and concurrent chemotherapy and biotherapy, radioimmunotherapy and radiopharmaceuticals, and immunotherapy.