Managing the Oral Effects of Cancer Treatment: Diagnosis of Survivorship

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Oral cancers can be devastating, and toxicities from oncology treatments can compound existing conditions and lead to poor oral health. The first oncology textbook to guide clinicians through the management of oral health problems, Managing the Oral Effects of Cancer Treatment provides an overview of the fundamental skills of oral assessment and dental hygiene, treatment side effects related to the oral cavity, management strategies, and insight into survivorship issues. Chapters cover the basics of oral health, including:
  • Common oral conditions and manifestations
  • Fundamentals of dental hygiene and conducting oral assessments
  • Treatment of side effects such as oral mucositis, among others
  • Evidence-based practice and measuring tools
  • Nutrition management
  • Xerostomia and cytoprotection
  • Pain management
  • Issues involving speech, voice, and swallowing.
The book details how to develop an innovative mini-oral clinic in your practice and how to treat special patient populations, and it defines a symptom cluster model for oral health across the continuum of care.
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