Genetics and Genomics in Oncology Nursing Practice

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The demand for oncology nurses who are knowledgeable and competent in genetic and genomic applications that impact practice has risen dramatically as new discoveries in the field influenced the fundamental understanding of cancer development, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. Genetics and Genomics in Oncology Nursing Practice broadens the topic of genetics from a discussion of risk assessment to encompass such issues as cancer biology, clinical applications of genetic study, and the scope of oncology nursing practice. You’ll find updated information on cancer genetic risk assessment and new topics such as pharmacogenomics (including a history and recent discoveries), targeted therapies, nursing credentialing in cancer genetics, multicultural considerations in providing genetic and genomic cancer care, and much more. In addition to cancer genetic risk assessment, education, and management, sections feature the fundamental principles of genetic and genomic oncology nursing; ethical, legal, and social issues (including direct-to-consumer marketing and testing of children); professional practice issues, including the “Genetic and Genomic Competencies and Recommendations for Education”; as well as a new listing of resources and an expanded glossary.

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Section 2 - Genetics and Genomics: Identification and Risk Reduction

Karen Roesser
Suzanne M. Mahon
Karen Greco
Cathleen M. Goetsch
Bridget LeGrazie
Agnes Masny
Lucia A. Hindorff
Teri A. Manolio
Chapter 3 examines how to perform a cancer genetic assessment. Chapter 4 details common cancer risk models and cancer risk communication. Chapter 5 explains the process of delivering genetic education and counseling. Chapter 6 provides information on how...

Section 3 - Genomics and Cancer Care

Cathleen M. Goetsch
Julia Eggert
Linda Howe
Michele E. Gaguski
Susan D. Bruce
Chapter 8 exmaines tumor profiling. Chapter 9 examines pharmacogenomics, and Chapter 10 details targeted therapies.

Sections 5-6 - Professional Practice Issues; Resources; Glossary; Index

Lorraine Frazier
Kathleen A. Calzone
Jean Jenkins
Rita Black Monsen
Yvette P. Conley
Susan R. M. Vasquez
Jean Jenkins
Section 5 includes Chapter 13 (Genetic/Genomic Competencies and Recommendations for Education), Chapter 14 (Ensuring Competence: Nursing Credentialing in Cancer Genetics), and Chapter 15 (Research: Making a Difference in Practice). Section 6 consists of...