Caring for the Older Adult With Cancer in the Ambulatory Setting

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As the general population continues to age, more patients are being diagnosed and living with cancer at an older age than ever before. Healthcare professionals are faced with unique challenges in treating the older patient with cancer, and this detailed text examines issues surrounding caring for this population type. Caring for the Older Adult With Cancer in the Ambulatory Setting examines cancer and the aging population, including ambulatory oncology care and the role of the ambulatory oncology nurse. You’ll also find information on the physiology of aging and how older adults are impacted. The book details theories of aging, the physiologics of aging, pharmacokinetics, and more. The book also covers developing a comprehensive geriatric assessment, issues involving hospice and palliative care, survivorship issues in the older adult, psychosocial issues, and symptom management in the older adult with cancer (including anorexia and weight loss, cognitive impairment, dehydration, fatigue, pain, and sexuality).

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Chapter 1 - 2 - Cancer and the Aging Population, Physiology of Aging and Its Impact on the Older Adult

Diane G. Cope
Stewart M. Bond
Mary Elizabeth Davis
Lorraine K. McEvoy
Pages (1-36)
Chapter 1 examines cancer and the aging population. Chapter 2 details the physiology of aging.

Chapter 3 - Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Janine A. Overcash
Pages (37-56)
Chapter 3 examines conducting geriatric assessments.

Chapter 4 - Symptom Management

Mary Elizabeth Davis
Susan A. Derby
Lorraine K. McEvoy
Pages (-)
Chapter 4 examines issues surrounding symptom management.

Chapter 5 - Hospice and Palliative Care

Nessa Coyle
Kathy Plakovic
Pages (125-142)
Chapter 5 details hospice and palliative care for the older adult with cancer.

Chapter 6 - Survivorship Issues

Kimberly A. Christopher
Pages (143-156)
Chapter 6 examines survivorship issues.

Chapter 7 - Psychosocial Issues

Mary Pat Lynch
Pages (157-176)
Chapter 7 examines psychosocial issues in older adults with cancer.

Chapter 8 - Considering the Future of Nursing

Sarah H. Kagan
Pages (177-191)
Chapter 8 considers the future of cancer nursing, especially when dealing with older adults.

Resources and Index

Pages (191-204)
Section includes resources and index.