Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship

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Honorable Mention in the Nursing and Allied Health Category at the 2011 PROSE Awards, sponsored by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers

In her foreword to this book detailing cancer rehabilitation and the journey toward survivorship, Betty Ferrell, professor of nursing research and education at the City of Hope, wrote, "Survivorship is the all-encompassing experience of having lived beyond those initial words of 'you have cancer' and toward a life embracing both the gifts and the burdens of life beyond that diagnosis and treatment."

Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Personalized Care takes an interdisciplinary approach to the physical, psychosocial, and practical aspects of survivorship. Sections include the evolution of survivor care, physical and psychological challenges survivors must endure, practical challenges such as finding and keeping employment and dealing with economic consequences of a cancer diagnosis, maximizing the health of survivors, and a look at survivorship, now, and in the future.

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Section 1 - Evolution of Survivorship Care

Robert M. Taylor
Susan Leigh
Pamela J. Haylock
Carol P. Curtiss
Elizabeth Sherwood
Donald L. Rosenstein
Section 1 includes chapters on personalized cancer care, cancer from a survivor's perspective, survivorship care planning, and survivorship care planning.

Section 2 - Physical Challenges of the Cancer Survivor

Jeannine M. Brant
Jamie S. Myers
Jennifer R. Klemp
Barbara J. Cashavelly
Marybeth Singer
Maryam B. Lustberg
Charles L. Shapiro
Ellen Lavoie Smith
Jeffrey Cohen
Lisa Hartkopf Smith
Ann M. Berger
Sandra A. Mitchell
Dori Klemanski
Joanne L. Lester
Les Gallo-Silver
Patricia M. Dillon
Jane M. Armer
Bob R. Stewart
Kandis M. Smith
Janice N. Cormier
Carrie Tompkins Stricker
Genevieve Hollis
Section 2 examines the physical challenges of the survivor with chapters on pain and discomfort, chemotherapy-related cognitive changes, skin and mucosal changes, bone health, peripheral neuropathy, cardiopulmonary challenges, fatigue and sleep-wake...

Section 3 - Psychosocial Challenges of the Cancer Survivor

Lisa Kennedy Sheldon
Michael Barnett
Keith Bellizzi
Thomas O. Blank
Steven D. Passik
Kenneth L. Kirsh
Christopher J. Recklitis
William F. Pirl
Patricia Fobair
Kathrynn L. Thompson
Ruth Frankenfield
L. Jill Staufenberg
Nancy Treece
Marjorie Anderson
Section 3 details psychosocial issues of the cancer survivor, including chapters on anxiety and uncertainty, post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth in cancer survivors, assessing the risk for potential substance abuse with opioid therapy,...

Section 4 - Practical Issues for Survivors

Natasha Buchanan
Nikki A. Hawkins
Lori A. Pollack
Jennifer Lund
K. Robin Yabroff
Cathy J. Bradley
Section 4 examines practical issues for survivors and includes chapters on personalizing information to meet survivors' needs, the economic burden of cancer survivorship in the United States, and employment and cancer survivorship.

Section 5 - Maximizing Health Outcomes for the Cancer Survivor

Ksenia P. Koon
Julie R. Gralow
Christine L. Sardo
Bernardine M. Pinto
Joseph T. Ciccolo
Gayle Roux
Catherine Dingley
Crystal L. Park
Maryanna Klatt
Patricia Schmitt
Anne Harding
Section 5 details issues surrounding maximizing health outcomes for the cancer survivor. Chapters detail recurrence and second primary cancers, nutrition and an integrative health promotion model, motivation for lifestyle changes after cancer, promoting...

Section 6 - Survivorship Care, Now and in the Future

Marcia Grant
Denice Economou
Kathleen Calzone Denton
Michael Feuerstein
Joanne L. Lester
Michael D. Adolph
Kenneth R. Lowther
Moira A. Kelsey
Paula B. Music
Meghan Routt
Elaine Cutler
Melissa Glim
Mark Gorman
Electra D. Paskett
J. Phil Harrop
Wendy S. Harpham
Patricia Schmitt
Section 6 examines survivorship care, today and in the future, with chapters on survivorship education, theoretical framework for survivorship, care plans, care for people with metastasis, issues in the geriatric population, survivorship advocacy,...

Appendices and Index

Included in this section are the book's appendices and the index.