Cancer Basics (Second Edition)

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Since the publication of the first edition, Cancer Basics has provided thousands of nurses and non-nursing professionals working in oncology with a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the key concepts associated with the care of patients with cancer. This expanded second edition continues the focus on the fundamentals of cancer and its treatment and incorporates current state of the knowledge to better address the specialized content needs of nurses caring for patients with cancer across all settings. Sections explore the biology, genetics, epidemiology, and staging of cancer; treatment options; symptom management; and survivor and caregiver issues.
New to this edition are key points to highlight the essential takeaways from each chapter as well as study questions and answers with the rationale for each, making this text a useful resource for both staff education and certification preparation. Chapters on fatigue and palliative care have also been added, and cardiac and pulmonary toxicity content has been expanded into separate chapters.
Cancer Basics is essential reading for nurses new to oncology and any professional looking to gain foundational knowledge of this complex group of diseases. 
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Chapter 1 - Biology of Cancer

Matthew Tedder
Julia Eggert
Pages (3-22)
Chapter 1 examines the fundamentals of cancer biology.

Chapter 2 - Staging and Performance Status

Kristine B. LeFebvre
Pages (23-38)
Chapter 2 examines details surrounding the staging and perfoamce status of cancers.

Chapter 3 - Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

Suzanne M. Mahon
Pages (39-62)
Chapter 3 examines the epidemiology of cancer as well as issues surrounding cancer prevention.

Chapter 4 - Genetic Risk for Developing Cancer

Suzanne M. Mahon
Pages (63-94)
Chapter 4 details issues surrounding genetic risk for developing cancer.

Chapter 5 - Cancer Detection Measures

Suzanne M. Mahon
Pages (95-134)
Chapter 5 discusses cancer detection measures.

Chapter 6 - Pharmacogenomics

Christopher L. Farrell
Pages (135-148)
Chapter 6 details issues surrounding the topic of pharmacogenomics.

Chapter 7 - Surgery

Diane Drake
Billie Lynes
Pages (151-172)
Chapter 7 details issues surrounding surgery in patients with cancer.

Chapter 8 - Radiation Therapy

Anne Marie Shaftic
Pages (173-196)
Chapter 8 details radiation therapy.

Chapter 9 - Chemotherapy

MiKaela Olsen
Pages (197-220)
Chapter 9 details issues surrounding chemotherapy.

Chapter 10 - Precision Medicine: Biologics and Targeted Therapies

Julia A. Eggert
Pages (221-258)
Chapter 10 details the emerging field of precision medicine and targeted therapies.

Chapter 11 - Hormone Therapy

Rachelle W. Rodriguez
Virginia Aguailar
Pages (259-278)
Chapter 11 explains issues surrounding hormone therapy.

Chapter 12 - Clinical Trials

Joan Westendorp
Pages (279-296)
Chapter 12 exmaines issues surrounding clinical trials in patients with cancer.

Chapter 13 - Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Georgia M. Decker
Pages (297-322)
Chapter 13 details complementary and alternative medicine in patients with cancer.

Chapter 14 - Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Stephanie Jacobson Gregory
Pages (323-354)
Chapter 14 details issues surrounding hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in patients with cancer.

Chapter 15 - Alopecia

Denise Portz
Pages (357-366)
Chapter 15 details surrounding alopecia in patients with cancer.

Chapter 16 - Cardiotoxicity

Anecita Fadol
Courtney L. Meuth
Pages (367-380)
Chapter 16 details issues surrounding cardiotoxicity in patients with cancer.

Chapter 17 - Cognitive Changes

Catherine Jansen
Pages (381-396)
Chapter 17 details cognitive changes in patients with cancer.

Chapter 18 - Dermatologic Complications

Pamela Hallquist Viale
Pages (397-410)
Chapter 18 details dermatologic complications in patients with cancer.

Chapter 19 - Fatigue

Lanell Bellury
Jane C. Clark
Pages (411-430)
Chapter 19 examines issues surrounding fatigue in patients with cancer.

Chapter 20 - Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Elizabeth Prechtel Dunphy
Suzanne Walker
Pages (431-474)
Chapter 20 examines gastrointestinal issues in patients with cancer.

Chapter 21 - Genitourinary Symptoms

Amy Y. Zhang
Pages (475-490)
Chapter 21 examines genitourinary symptoms in patients with cancer.

Chapter 22 - Hematologic Issues

Patricia L. Adams
Pages (491-504)
Chapter 22 explains hematologic issues in patients with cancer.

Chapter 23 - Hepatic Toxicities

Elizabeth Prechtel Dunphy
Pages (505-528)
Chapter 23 details issues surrounding hepatic toxicities.

Chapter 24 - Hypersensitivity

Pamela Hallquist Viale
Pages (529-542)
Chapter 24 details hypersensitivity in patients with cancer.

Chapter 25 - Oncologic Emergencies

Colleen M. O'Leary
Diana McMahon
Pages (543-564)
Chapter 25 examines oncologic emergencies.

Chapter 26 - Pain

Suzanne Walker
Pages (565-598)
Chapter 26 details issues surrounding pain in the patient with cancer.

Chapter 27 - Peripheral Neuropathy

Melissa F. Saxon
Pages (599-610)
Chapter 27 details issues surrounding perioheral neuropathy.

Chapter 28 - Pulmonary Toxicities

Vickie Connelly Murphy
Pages (611-632)
Chapter 28 details issues surrounding pulomary toxicities in patients with cancer.

Chapter 29 - Developmental Life Stage Issues

Janet Harden
Pages (635-648)
Chapter 29 describes development life stage issues in patients with cancer.

Chapter 30 - Ethical Issues

Teresa A. Savage
Lisa Anderson-Shaw
Pages (649-672)
Chapter 30 examines issues of ethics in the patients with cancer.

Chapter 31 - Palliative Care

Ruth R. Zalonis
Pages (673-688)
Chapter 31 details palliative care of the patient with cancer.

Chapter 32 - Psychosocial Issues

Ellen Giarelli
Pages (689-712)
Chapter 32 describes psychosocial issues surrounding the patient with cancer.

Chapter 33 - Sexual and Reproductive Issues

Anne Katz
Pages (713-734)
Chapter 33 examines issues surrounding sexuality and reproduction in the patient with cancer.

Chapter 34 - Caring for the Cancer Survivor

Christy R. Smith
Julia J. Yates
Nancy Rankin Ewing
Pages (735-758)
Chapter 34 details issues surrounding the care of the patient with cancer.