Cancer and Health Policy: Advancements and Opportunities

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Cancer and Health Policy highlights the role and impact of health policy and legislation on cancer care, cancer outcomes, and the future of cancer control in the United States. The book provides an in-depth discussion of accomplishments in the policy arena while illuminating opportunities to advance the cancer policy agenda. Featuring chapters written by key experts from multiple disciplines, Cancer and Health Policy examines critical milestones in the history of cancer policy, explores current and emerging topics in cancer policy, and articulates future directions for shaping cancer policy through research and leadership. 

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Oncology Nursing Society
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Chapter 1 - Introduction to Health Policy

Nancy Ridenour
Deborah E. Trautman
Chapter 1 provides an introduction to health policy, including an examation of such issues as jurisdiction and oversight, basics of healthcare reform, and current health policy issues.

Chapter 4 - The Environment and Cancer

Devra Lee Davis
Brian Bunn
Chapter 4 describes issues surrounding the environment and cancer, including details on causes of breast cancer, workplace causes of cancer, toxic substance control, and the failures of modern society to control cancer.

Chapter 16 - Leading Change in the Health Policy Arena

Margaret C. Wilmoth
Alec Stone
Chapter 16 examines issues surrounding leading change in the health policy arena. Included are details on interest group advocacy, the "iron triangle," federal legislative initiatives, federal regulatory efforts, individual advocacy, and more.

Chapter 18 - Legislative Topics in Cancer Research and Practice

Barbara Holmes Damron
Carolyn Phillips
Chapter 18 details legislative topics in cancer research and practice. Issues examined include funding cancer research, access to quality cancer care, cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and survivorship, and current and future legislative themes.