21st Century Nursing Leadership

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In today’s continually evolving healthcare landscape, the need for effective nurse leaders is more critical than ever. Whether in clinical care, research, or administration, the nurse’s voice is too often not heard, despite nurses comprising the largest portion of the healthcare workforce.

21st Century Nursing Leadership provides the tools nurses can use to discover their voice and become strong leaders and role models in guiding the nursing workforce into the future.

With essential chapters on project management, business planning, managing priorities, and interprofessional collaboration, nurses currently in or seeking management and leadership roles will gain information and guidance based on the most current research, knowledge, and demonstrated best practices.

Chapter topics such as health policy and advocacy, the journey from the bedside to the boardroom, mentoring, communication strategies, association leadership, and reinventing oneself provide invaluable instruction and insight for nurses looking to help shape the future of educational initiatives and research efforts and have their voices heard.

Crafted by experienced and distinguished authors in the field, this text is an exciting and indispensable tool that will steer current and emerging nurse leaders through the issues of nursing practice that matter most.

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Chapter 1 - Leading From the Evolving Future

Mary Magee Gullatte
Pages (1-8)
Chapter 1 examines surrounding leading change and the power of futuristic thinking.

Chapter 2 - Leadership Blueprint for Nursing’s Future

Marsha Hughes-Rease
Rhonda R. Foster
Pages (9-20)
Chapter 2 shares a blueprint for leadership in nursing.

Chapter 3 - Quantum Leadership for a New Age of Nursing

Tim Porter-O'Grady
Kathy Malloch
Pages (21-38)
Chapter 3 examines such issues as the new-age nursing leader, professional governance, and mentoring.

Chapter 4 - Thriving in a Time of Continuous Change

Patricia Reid Ponte
Pages (39-46)
Chapter 4 discusses how leaders can assist their organizations thrive in a time of change by making six core commitments.

Chapter 5 - Leading a Culture of Civility

Dianne M. Jacobs
Pages (47-52)
Chapter 5 examines how nursing leaders can create a culture of civility in the modern workplace.

Chapter 6 - Leading and Sustaining a Healthy Work Environment

Mary Bylone
Vicki Good
Pages (53-70)
Chapter 6 examines how nursing leaders can lead and sustain a healthy work environment.

Chapter 7 - Leading and Sustaining a Robust Workforce

Carol Boston-Fleischhauer
Pages (71-84)
Chapter 7 explores issues surrounding the development and design of a robust nursing workforce.

Chapter 8 - Communication Strategies in the Multigenerational Workforce

Connie Carson
Brittany Lively
Pages (85-96)
Chapter 8 examines communication challenges and strategies in the multigenerational workplace.

Chapter 9 - Compassionate Care Begins With Self-Care

LeAnn Thieman
Pages (97-108)
Chapter 9 details issues surrounding self-care.

Chapter 10 - Interprofessional Team Collaborations in Improving Patient Outcomes and Value-Based Care

Tracy Gosselin
Pages (109-120)
Chapter 10 details issues surrounding interprofessional team collaborations.

Chapter 11 - Balancing Multiple and Competing Priorities

Mary Magee Gullatte
Pages (121-134)
Chapter 11 examines how to schedule, balance, and prioritize multiple and competing priorities.

Chapter 12 - Project Management and Business Planning for Nurse Leaders

Linda J. Shinn
Pages (135-148)
Chapter 12 details issues surrounding project management and business planning for nurse leaders.

Chapter 13 - Executive Leadership Acumen

Jane Englebright
Jane M. McCurley
Pages (149-160)
Chapter 13 examines issues surrounding executive leadership acumen, including building executive relationships, finding the executive voice, building the nursing leadership team, and establishing competencies for the executive nurse leader.

Chapter 14 - Executive Competencies for a Disruptive Healthcare Future

Les Wallace
Pages (161-168)
Chapter 14 examines competencies executives need for leading in a disruptive healthcare future, including the concept of "leader as learner," using foresight for sensing and strategic thinking, developing innovation as a leader, and leading...

Chapter 15 - Ethics and Nursing Leadership

Laurie Badzek
Lisa Hardman
Patricia J. Maramba
Pages (169-178)
Chapter 15 examines issues surrounding ethics and nursing leadership.

Chapter 16 - Leading Future Innovations in Nursing Education

Nancy P. Wingo
Deborah Kirk Walker
Pages (179-188)
Chapter 16 examines the issue of leading future innovations in nursing education. Issues examined include innovative and cross-generational teaching strategies, engaging future faculty, and continuous learning.

Chapter 17 - Leading the Global Transformation of Health Care

Jeannine M. Brant
Sultan Kav
Pages (189-200)
Chapter 17 examines issues surrounding leading the global transformation of health care. Issues discussed include an overview of global health, global challenges, and global initiatives involving nursing.

Chapter 18 - Health Policy and Advocacy for Nurse Leaders

Katherine Bell
Alec Stone
Pages (201-216)
Chapter 18 examines issues surrounding health policy and advocacy for nurse leaders.

Chapter 19 - Leading Clinical Nurse Engagement in Research

Nancy M. Albert
Pages (217-234)
Chapter 19 examines leading clinical nurse engagement in research.

Chapter 20 - Journey From Bedside to Boardroom

Nancy Howell Agee
Ninfa M. Saunders
Pages (235-246)
Chapter 20 details the personal journeys of two chief executive officers from bedside to boardroom.

Chapter 21 - Professional Nursing Association Membership and Board Leadership

Deidre Walton
Ronnie Ursin
Mary Magee Gullatte
Pages (247-260)
Chapter 21 examines issues surrounding professional nurse association membership and board leadership. Issues examined include the genesis of professional nursing associations, association governance, and board governance competencies.

Chapter 22 - Mentoring Current and Future Nurse Leaders

Angela Adjetey Appiah
Mary Magee Gullatte
Pages (261-278)
Chapter 22 examines issues surrounding mentoring current and future nurse leaders.

Chapter 23 - Reinventing Yourself for Future Leadership

Mary Magee Gullatte
Pages (279-288)
Chapter 23 challenges nurses to reinvent themselves for future leadership.