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Make Connections and Network With Exhibitors

ONS Congress exhibitors include industry leading companies, advocacy partners, and more. Learn, connect, and share best practices with representatives and colleagues in the ONS Learning Hall.  

Learn more about this year’s exhibitors.

View the ONS Learning Hall Map
ONS Booth ONS Congress Learning Hall

Make Long-Lasting Connections in the Learning Hall

Think of the ONS Learning Hall as the hub for your ONS Congress experience. As you explore the hall, network, and share best practices with other attendees, exhibitors from industry and advocacy partners, and ONS leaders. Plus, you can attend non-NCPD presentations to continue learning outside of session time.

Be sure to view the full Learning Hall Map to note the location of exhibitor booths including the following destinations at ONS Congress:

ONS Booth

Visit the ONS Booth to learn more about ONS resources that can benefit you and your patients. Participate in the daily raffle, grab some fun giveaways, and have your membership and clinical questions answered by ONS staff. Additionally, you can attend professional development presentations in the ONS Booth to learn about helpful topics like resume writing, publishing your work, and different career path options for nurses.

ONS Store

Stop by the ONS Store to purchase ONS publications at a discounted rate for you or your colleagues. Find publications on topics such as immunotherapy, genetics and genomics, nursing leadership, cancer basics, and much more.

Zen Den

You’re always taking care of others, but at ONS Congress, it’s your turn to take care of yourself. Take a moment for yourself and your well-being, relax, and enjoy our revamped wellness pavilion offering aromatherapy, cannabidiol- (CBD-) infused ice cream, and more.

Career Fair Pavilion

Hone your professional skills at the Career Fair Pavilion, located in the ONS Learning Hall. Here you can meet with recruiters to chat about job opportunities and ways to make yourself more marketable to potential employers.

Patient Advocacy Pavilion

The Patient Advocacy Pavilion features nonprofit exhibitors focusing on the unique journey of oncology patients. Learn about resources that can help your patients and organizations looking to improve the lives of people living with cancer.

Virtual Experience: Cleaning a Hazardous Drug Spill 

A hazardous drug spill doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, it needs precise cleanup using extreme caution to protect staff, patients, and visitors. This virtual experience allows you to practice responding to a virtual ‘spill’ in a safe learning environment using virtual reality. This unique learning experience includes an on-boarding/orientation mode to get a new learner comfortable with the VR controls, a guided instruction mode that walks the learner through the experience, and a test mode to assess competence. Each mode progressively allows for exploration and learning within the hazardous drug spill scenarios.